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Motorhome at the lake - Cleaning

Pudol Profiset – Caravaning

Cleaning agent for the use in campers and caravans

With this complete set you will get all what you need for the professional cleaning of your motor home / camping van
and caravan inside and outside. All products are stored in a 13-litre, space-saving bucket that can be stowed well –
an ingenious solution for the professional to go to the first quick trip without worrying!

1 x Microsoft Care System (150 ml):
The superweapon if it comes to cleaning and preservation of at
least „1.001“ – surfaces and materials (stainless steel, glass, chrome,
silver, gold, plastics, enamel and others).

1 x Glass Cleaner (250 ml):
Highly concentrated and alcohol-free “magic cure for panes” for
crystal-clear panes with the guaranteed streak- and striation-free

1 x Profi Rim Cleaner (250 ml):
Turbo-fast rim cleaner for all types of rim with intensive rim-dust
and grease formula.

1 x Multi-Cloth (70 pieces):
Cleaning without water with only one cloth and this is pH-neutral
and in the closable dispensing bucket. Universally applicable fleece
cloth for easy cleaning on the way and everywhere.

1x Car Shampoo (250 ml):
Neutral cleaner (pH 7) with active foam power. It is intensively
dirt-dissolving and degreasing and simultaneously it is lacquer

1 x Orange Oil Cleaner (250 ml):
Super concentrate obtained from the power of nature applicable
as smell remover with outstanding cleaning power.

1 x Holding Tank Additive (250 ml):
Pleasantly and fresh smelling toilet additive with strongly degrading effect against solid materials and toilet paper, environment conscious and economical.

Accessories: 1 x bucket (12.8 l),
1 x microfiber cloth and 1 x sponge


Our offer:

32 buckets per pallet
< 1 pallet = 24.90 €
> 1 pallet = 22.50 €
> 2 pallets = 19.90 €



+ More than 100 years of experience
+ Powerful range
+ Lived environmental protection
+ Well-founded professional competence
+ Formulation developments
+ 24 hour delivery service
+ Product and application training


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Cleanliness refreshes your senses