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Snow plow spreads salt

Thawing granulate

The next winter is sure to come!

Thawing granulate road salt


Quickly and safely removes snow and ice from all traffic areas and footpaths. Applications are public and municipal facilities (e.g. hospitals, bus stops or public offices), public streets, staircases and squares as well as commercial and private areas (e.g. business and house entrances or driveways).


  • Saves high personnel costs due
  • to fast and long-lasting thawing effect
  • reduces effectively and long-lasting re-freezing
  • is fully water-soluble – causes no blockages in sewers or drains
  • no white residues
  • effective up to temperatures of -40°C
  • immediate blunting of icy surfaces
  • does not attack asphalt, concrete (except for de-icing agent resistant type) and metals
  • compatible with plants
  • no danger for animal paws
  • highly concentrated granulate
  • also sprayable, applicable as a solution

Available in 30 liter bucket

Special conditions for pallet acceptance!


+ More than 100 years of experience
+ High-performance range
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+ In-depth expertise
+ Recipe developments
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